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 Spring 2015 Los Angeles Workshop

Be your own Story Producer

May 29, 2015

Spots extremely limited 

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Holiday Intensive Workshop in LA 3 Thursdays Dec 19-Jan 2

 Holiday Intensive:

Thursdays 10:30-3:30 PST December 19th, Decenber 26 & January 2  Meets at private residence between West Adams and Culver City.  $600

(with permission of instructor 3 filmmakers required, limited to 6) 

Really dig into your project over the holidays.  Day One we'll review where you are and get you up to speed, with assignments to shoot and edit (as needed) over the next week.

Progressing on your Documentary: Always Be Curious

 I have a wide range of students around the world working on different projects. Sometimes I'm talking about legal issues with them, such as how to partner with a collaborator, or how to make agreements with your subject.  Other times we are talking about issues of production such as how to direct your shooter, or issues of style, such as finding your voice, but the number one thing that I believe is most important to every single one of these projects is THE STORY. 

Get uncomfortable to make your film or memoir what you want it to be.

 I've been working with my new students for about a month.  In that time we've learned what a formal "WANT" is on the part of the hero of our story.  

It needs to be impossible, and life or death, and definitely truly authentic.  

For example:  I want everything to stay the same, or I will die.  

Documentary Interview Approaches

 At WestDoc, I engaged in a lively discussion about the best ways to interview a subject.  

In my workshops, I teach about the range of visual approaches in setting up a documentary interview backdrop, from a sterile simple backdrop (a la Corporation)


Screening of my Documentary, "Bible Storyland" at prestigious A+D museum in Los Angles Saturday Sept 28, please come!

 Hey there all, 


Please come join us for a fun outdoor screening! Sign up through Documentary Insider (send me a message here) and I'll get you in for a tour of the show too!



My Interview with Greg Barker, director of "Manhunt"

 WestDoc asked me to moderate a panel this year, and I didn't know quite what to expect when they asked me to interview filmmaker Greg Barker.  I didn't know the name, and I hadn't seen his most recent film, "Manhunt" though I remember hearing about it in relationship to "Zero Dark Thirty".   I said sure, and then started to recollect  my time editing and writing a documentary  series set in the surge of Iraq - lots of soldiers and sheiks...and money changing hands. I assumed I would be seeing more of the same. 

Documentary Insider to Interview Greg Barker, Director of "Manhunt" at WestDoc

 I will be interviewing Greg Barker for the featured presentation, "Anatomy of a Doc" at WestDoc Monday Sept 16.   Our session will be at 2 pm .


I've just worked out what we will be talking about, and it's going to be exciting and pithy and have loads of valuable information on how to make your own doc - including  both a business perspective and getting deep into the artistic nuts and bolts.  

Summer's Over and I haven't finished (or even started) my Documentary / Memoir / Novel / One Person Show!!!

FIFTEEN tips to get started (or make progress) on the creative project you know you need to survive your life! 

WestDoc 2013: Discounts and Recommendations

 I've been in contact with the WestDoc team, and I've gotten the Documentary Insider readers and students a discount - if you sign up with this code:  DOCINSRWD  you will qualify for a 10% discount.  

Here is a link to the pre-eminent west coast documentary/reality conference. I'm sending you to the schedule - I believe there are three things here that will be helpful to my Doc Insider  Workshoppers:

Documentary Story Consultant Yes or No?


A documentary story consultant helps you get your best possible documentary on the screen. 

If you are a first time documentary filmmaker - or even a second or third timer - there will likely come a time when you'll consider (or be asked to consider) using a story consultant. (Sometimes also known as a story producer.) You'll look around and find their rates - ($100 an hour and up)  and you might decide to pull the trigger and go see one, and you might not.  

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