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May 29, 2015

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To Be Or Not To Be, that is the question...for my documentary....or NOT?

 So I'm lucky enought to work with folks who are making different documentaries all the time. 

Many times I'm coming into a project when significant resources - shooting, editing etc have been spent, and the project has gotten far enough for the folks making it to realize they've hit a wall - they're up the creek without a paddle,  They might say, they've paddled so far up their idea and are so close to it they need some help to break free.  That's what I help them with either as a coach, consultant, story producer or editor.

FAIR USE - Interview with Pat Aufderheide

 An Interview with Pat Aufderheide, expert on Fair Use in documentary and co-author of Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright (University of Chicago Press, $11.70). 


Acknowledging Resistance


Final Cut Pro Short cuts from a Veteran Editor

 Remember when your mom told you to drink your milk?  Or brush your teeth?  She did that to make sure you'd have fewer problems in the future. 

Here is my admonition:  Use your Key commands!

Here they are: 



5 Things to Remember when Making a Documentary

I've compiled 5 tips I've gleaned from a composit of many filmmakers I've worked with over the years who illustrate alot of valuable lessons for Doc filmmakers out there. 

People just start shooting 

Q&A about Doc Filmmaking on LA Talk Radio

In case you missed it, Stephanie Hubbard did a great interview with Paula Guenon, host of "Don't Get Left in the Dust" on Sunday, March 4 on LA talk radio. Stephanie fielded a wide variety of questions regarding filmmaking and distribution in this fun and informative interview. Listen here:

Fascinating Interview with Orly Ravid, Founder of The Film Collaborative

Last November, I went to a panel on digital distribution at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), the world’s premiere documentary film festival.  The person who stood out to me as most informative was Orly Ravid, founder and co-executive director of The Film Collaborative (TFC) whose mission is to educate and provide services for filmmakers.

What needs to be Done when the Film is Done but you can start any time....

So we have been involved in cutting the trailer for my new film, "Bible Storyland".  I'm lucky, I'm working with an excellent sales agent, who has opinions and requirements for the trailer - but it takes time.  (So include that in your budget) 

We also have to cut down the film for international television - and that takes time. (so include that in your budget, or think about that as you build many things to think about...)


So, at the advice of filmmaker Jonathan Skurnick,  we submitted "Bible Storyland" to Docs for Sale in Amsterdam which runs as part of the International Documentary Film Festival. 

"Bible Storyland' did not run in the festival, so we were able to focus on the market.  Though it would have been nice to be included in the festival - (we weren't done in time to make the deadline - and wanted to wait to hear back from Sundance in any case) it was a very good thing that we went to Docs for Sale. 

Directing first feature doc

 Okay so - since 1996 I've been professionally editing. Since 2001 I've been professionally editing documentaries that have gone to festivals. 

I've been teaching now for 4 years, but this year I finished directing my first feature documentary. 

I've been lucky, I was hired, so I got to do it without raising money. 

But what have I learned from the experience? 

Well when you are both editing and directing - it's more important than ever to have many screenings and get feedback from people. 

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